Body and Life

Having a Body, having a Life

Feeling the wind
Not feeling talk
Understanding talk
Telling truth
....and lies and sometime jokes

Feeling Earth
Feeling water
Feeling wind
Feeling hot fire
Feeling cold ice
Feeling soft pillows
Feeling hard metal
Feeling sharp knifes
Feeling curvy stones
Feeling wet clothes
Feeling dry sand
Feeling clay
Feeling humid
Not feeling thoughts
Having a skin

Not feeling sounds
Listen to the sounds
Listen to the tones
Listen to the rhythms
Listen to the melodies
Listen to the music
Having ears

Looking out of eyes
See the colors
See the sun
See the flowers
See the rainbows
See the landscapes
See the stars
Not seeing feelings
Having eyes

Breathing the air
Not breathing words
Having lungs

Feeling the skin
Sunshine on the skin
Snow on the skin
Getting a bleeding wound
Getting a blue mark
Getting a mosquito bite
Water on the skin
Massage the skin

Can't thinking nails
Can't thinking hair
Can't thinking teeth
Can't thinking stomach
Can't thinking brain
Can't thinking heart
Can't thinking lungs
Can't thinking lung transplantation
Can't thinking heart surgery
Can't thinking brain surgery
Can't thinking body

Can't thinking eyes
Can't thinking nose
Can't thinking ears

Eating food
Not eating words
Eating pork
Eating fish
Drinking water
Eating salad
Eating rice
Drinking coffee
Eating bread
Drinking milk
Eating fruit
Drinking cola
Eating vegetables
Eating ice cream
Drinking wine
Eating beef
Drinking juice
Eating chicken
Eating potatoes
Drinking beer
Eating cakes
Eating berries
Tasting the food
Having a stomach
Digesting the food
And shit

Feeling time
Not thinking time
Earth around the sun
Years and seasons
Earth around itself
Having a heartbeat
Having a memory

Having a body
Not feeling thoughts
Not starting feelings yourself
Feeling the body

Maybe looking forward to something
Maybe worried about something
Maybe enjoying something

Being happy
Being sad
Being exited
Being thrilled
Not being others
Being yourself

Having a body
Having a head
Having thoughts
Having feelings, dreams or nightmares
Having a name
Having a life

Being a man or a woman
Having a child
Giving new life

Not made by feelings
Not made by thoughts
Not made by words

All this are no secrets
Everybody has